We’re a group of seasoned industry professionals who've built and deployed hundreds of telecom projects.


Pillar has deep roots in the telecommunications industry. Our founders have decades of telecom experience having worked in large telco's, tower and wireless organizations, fibre, and competitive carriers including cloud and SD-WAN providers.

At Pillar, we believe that to be exceptional, we need to have focus, be curious, constantly learning, and always open to new ideas. Telecommunications doesn't stop at a router, remote facility, or in the cloud. Our value to our clients is that we understand all aspects of a network, from the core to the cloud, and everything in between. Where we don't specialize, we partner with the best that do. Staying true to who we are ensures we're building the most exceptionally talented team of professionals in the industry.

We're not your usual telecommunications company.

Our team's excellence is in telecom design, construction, deployment, maintenance, networking, network security, cloud and cloud connectivity, including: Network-as-a-Service and Internet based solutions.

As we move toward 5G, understanding how private and public access, the Internet, edge computing and the cloud come together is crucial to helping our clients understand their possibilities.

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