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Enabling 5G and the Edge

Our team's excellence is in telecom design, construction, deployment, maintenance, networking, network security, cloud and cloud connectivity, including: Network-as-a-Service and Internet based solutions.

We're not your usual telecommunications company.

As we move toward 5G, understanding how private and public access, the Internet, edge computing and the cloud come together is crucial to helping our clients understand their possibilities.

Our Services

Our design services, including engineered solutions, is the first step to building robust telecommunications solutions for our clients. Whether it's a private or public network, we design wireline and wireless telecom infrastructure to suit your needs. We provide in-building and outside solutions designed to your strict requirements.
We manage all aspects of the construction build from start to finish. Our team is experienced in underground, arial, pole and tower builds. We also assist with site acquisition, permits, rooftop installations, foundations and equipment installation.
From rack-and-stack, sparing, or custom builds, our network engineers can fully configure your equipment for corporate, remote or in-building solution deployments.
We continue to innovate solutions for managing critical infrastructure. Utilizing advanced technologies and products, we provide full maintenance and reporting for your network equipment.
5G and Edge
As businesses and governments look to utilize next generation networks and infrastructure, planning, constructing, deploying and maintaining will be critical to ensuring success. We make sure you're ready to meet the next wave with products and services that enable 5G and Edge computing solutions.

Internet & Cloud
We provide robust cloud-based solutions for clients looking to transition to modern access architecture enabling secure, reliable connectivity over the Internet. Solutions such as Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), cloud-based network security and remote access including Zero Trust Networks. Understanding your options is vital to building a reliable, secure solution.
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