Hivecell selects Pillar Telecom as exclusive Canadian reseller.

BEACON, N.Y. -- July, 20, 2021 - Hivecell, the Edge-as-a-Service company, announced today the first Canadian deployment of its edge computing platform through its partnership with Pillar Telecom. Pillar partners with carriers, service providers and technology companies and will sell Hivecell solutions both directly, and with other services providing a robust end-to-end solution for Canadian clients.

Pillar, a national provider of telecommunication services, including 5G and edge solutions, together with Hivecell, will help clients establish efficiency by deploying automation and digital transformation solutions onto Hivecell’s simple, scalable infrastructure.

Hivecell takes computer power to the next level with stackable units or “hives” at edge sites. These hives collect data (generated from Internet-connected devices) and process it on-site, sending only the business relevant data back to the cloud. Not only does this put key data into the hands of decision-makers, but will allow Canadian companies who do not have large IT teams to reap the benefits without complicated installation or ongoing maintenance. 

“We are looking forward to working with Pillar Telecom to bring the benefits of Edge-as-a-Service to the Canadian market,” said Jeffrey Ricker, CEO and co-founder at Hivecell. “Companies across the globe are understanding the benefits of edge computing for digital transformation and we are happy to be a part of that journey.”

Edge computing solves the latency and delay problems that occur when organizations rely solely on the cloud, enabling businesses to deploy compute power to thousands of locations outside of data centers. 

Hivecell is the only true Platform-as-a-Service for edge computing, offering simple, scalable solutions that take the compute power out of the cloud and place it at the edge, rather than traditional data management options that provide data center based solutions, which is not a real edge.

About Hivecell

Hivecell is the Edge as a Service company redefining the category of edge computing with easy-to-deploy, future-proofed, technology agnostic solutions empowering companies to scale infinitely and save massive amounts of resources in their management and processing of big data. It takes compute power out of the data center and places it at the true edge, enabling companies to efficiently manage thousands of remote locations without the use of a huge IT team and at 50 percent of the cost of traditional cloud providers. To learn more visit,

About Pillar Telecom

Pillar Telecom is a telecommunications services provider in Canada. The company partners with carriers, service providers and technology companies to bring leading edge solutions to both public and private sector clients. To learn more visit,

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