Industry Solutions

Public Sector
We work with all levels of government including municipal, provincial, and federal to build out private and public infrastructure. As the next generation of technologies gains momentum, we assist in developing upgrade or replacement programs for civic infrastructure systems, public wifi, public safety, and private networks.
Edge Computing
Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered. Real-time computing in the field continues to drive edge-computing systems innovation allowing the support of real-time applications, analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. We provide products and services to connect and enable Edge computing resources.
Service Providers (CSP's)
Private carrier service providers need a partner that understands their needs and can build competitive solutions for their clients. Our expertise spans both wireline and wireless solutions in both urban and rural environments. We're ready to assist with any type of build.
Internet & Cloud

As business systems continue to change and become cloud-based, the method of accessing them has changed too. Network security frameworks such as Zero Trust and Network-as-a-Service solutions provide new, cost effective ways of providing secure access to cloud, SaaS, remote, and internal resources. Organizations are becoming more dependent on secure Internet-based services and solutions. We ensure your level of services is the same downtown as it is for your remote workforce.

Industrial, Energy, Mining
Our extensive experience includes industrial telecommunications sytems constructed for demanding and harsh or hazourdus environments. Extending telecommunications infrastructure to remote sites or mines requires unique build experience. Our team has deep skills building projects for pipeline, oilsand mines, wellhead, and industrial facilities.
As industry 4.0 gains momentum, manufacturers will have the ability to utilize newer edge-based solutions including efficiencies for the front office, factory floor and distribution. Private wifi, 5G and edge solutions will have profound effects on manufacturing. We help facilitate the future of 4.0.
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